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Attention Parents:

Please make sure you read this through to the end… It’s THAT important for your child’s future success. The fact that you’re reading this right now means that you love your child and care about his or her happiness and well-being. For that reason, I’m betting that you want to do everything you can to help your child:

• Develop unstoppable self confidence

• Do their best in school

• Learn focus, self-discipline, and good study habits

• Become respectful young adults

• Develop the skills for long term success in life

  Here’s the problem… Despite our best of intentions, we can’t be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that our kids are learning the right life skills and values we want them to have.

“What Is YOUR Child Learning After School?”

Sobering fact: statistics have shown that the average American child spends up to 600 hours a year without direct parental or teacher supervision. And what happens during that unsupervised after school time matters a lot in a child’s development! The years between Kindergarten and 7th grade are a crucial time in a child’s social and educational development. That’s why it is so important to make sure that they are getting the right messages and learning the character and life skills that they will need for positive future growth. At our Primate Playground After School Leadership Program, parents know that their kids are getting much, much more than another fun “activity” – they are being trained in real Life Skills. And although we would like to think that the schools can teach them about character skills like setting and committing to achieving goals, self-discipline, commitment, and having a positive mental outlook, the truth is that the educational system can only do so much. That’s why if you have a child between 3 and 13 years old, SBG’s Primate Playground is THE place for your child.

In our After School Martial Arts Leadership program, we ensure that your child will benefit from:

  • Structured Homework and Study Time
  • Our Industry Leading Character Education & Leadership Curriculum
  • Martial Arts / Self-Defense Lessons
  • A Street Safe / School Safe Program
  • The Same Bully Prevention & Conflict Resolution Program We’ve Taught In Local Schools
  • And Much, Much More!

Bottom Line… children in our After School Program have a HUGE “leg up” on other kids when it comes to future success!

Because the fact of the matter is that kids who stay in our program do better in school, have more confidence and self-esteem, and stay away from negative peer groups, drugs, and other negative influences. Wouldn’t you like to have that peace of mind that your child is getting the right messages in their after school hours?

Dear Parent,

As a professional educator myself with many years experience teaching in both martial arts and academics (including a prestigious university) as well as serving on the local community’s school council, I have seen firsthand the challenges kids are faced with in today’s fast-paced society.

No matter how hard we try as parents, it can be a struggle to ensure that our children are learning how to become well-adjusted, positive and self-motivated individuals with the ability to set and achieve their goals. There are plenty of great teachers who are doing their best, but with the demands of their job they can only do so much to pass on these values… And contrary to popular belief, these are NOT the types of qualities kids are learning on a soccer or baseball field either.

That’s because these crucial Life Skills are a kind of specialized education that, although so important, are simply hard to find nowadays.  Since I founded SBG East Coast, I have been on an unstoppable mission to not only teach quality martial arts, but much more importantly to instill these powerful values and character traits in our young students. I’m happy to say that over the years we have had many, many success stories…

Kids lacking self-confidence transforming into young leaders and role models; overcoming social anxiety, learning differences and physical challenges in ways they never thought possible; kids who have learned how to set and achieve goals (while still having fun and enjoying their childhood), setting themselves up for success habits that will last a lifetime; overweight children finding the motivation to become healthy and active – the list goes on and on.

In short, when we talk about “Building Champions In Life,” we are not just paying lip service! What we do is so much more than just punching and kicking… at SBG’s Primate Playground After School Program, we are here for nothing less than to change lives for the better!

“The Program Most Trusted By Area School Administrators, Teachers & PTA Members”

Mary Beth Kiernan

My son is really loving the program. Not only is this the first sport he’s taken to, he’s also having a fantastic year in school. I’ve noticed that he’s acting more responsible, getting his homework done, and getting good grades.   I wanted to say thank you because you and the SBG staff are huge factor in  his recent improvement and success!

Mary Beth Kiernan
Proud Parent

Parent, School Administrator

I have three boys in the program and just can’t say enough great things about SBG. They do a lot more than focus on fitness and martial arts – they also focus on how to become successful and do your best in everyday life. All of the kids’ lessons involve some sort of life skill and improving one’s character. The kids thoroughly enjoy the classes, and I recommend the program to anyone!

Parent, School Administrator

Debra Klemp

The most amazing thing happened this morning. Patrick got up at 6:30, made his own bed, made his own lunch and got dressed. William got up made his own bed, reminded Patrick to make his (until he looked and it was already done) and then showered WITH NO ARGUMENT. Why did these miracles occur you may ask? Because SBG Primate Playground is the best around and gave the kids a task…..and the kids want to go in today and feel proud for having accomplished it! SBG really ups the ante – I love it!

Debra Klemp
Proud Parent

Parent, PTA Member

SBG really has a fantastic program and they do such a great job with the kids. The instructors are awesome and they even pick the kids up from school and bring them to the facility each day. My son loves it!

Parent, PTA Member

I can’t say enough about SBG. My son Jeremy has been attending classes for almost a year now and he is also enrolled in the After School Program. His latest report card had a comment that said, ‘Jeremy is an active and positive participant in class. He has gained a great deal of self-confidence and is doing well in all academic areas.’
I believe this is due in great part to the time he has spent at SBG. All the coaches are patient and helpful. Jeremy has learned far more than the techniques I signed him up for. He spends each month learning a new life lesson that goes far beyond SBG’s walls. I recommend it to everyone I can and look forward to the summer program this year!

Amy Collins
Proud Parent

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A Formula For Success

sbg after school

Much More Than “After Care”… We Provide Academic Reinforcement & Leadership Coaching

Our friendly staff is not only well known for their caring and enthusiasm for teaching kids, they are also trained to provide individualized coaching to help each child become successful.

Parents bring their children to our program for a wide variety of reasons, and each child is a special individual with their own needs. Knowing that, we get to know each of our students and help to provide the motivation and support to be their best.

The fact is, there is nothing around even remotely like what we do, and no one understands the value of teaching kids how to set and work toward their goals than we do!

It’s no wonder why literally hundreds of parents from around the South Coast region have chosen SBG as the trusted resource for their child’s preferred learning center.

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To your success,

Stephen Whittier, M.A.
Straight Blast Gym East Coast Founder