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If you’re interested in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training in the Cape Cod, Wareham, Plymouth and Greater New Bedford Area of Southern Massachusetts…

“Here’s PROOF
That SBG East Coast Offers the Best Mixed Martial Arts and Self-Defense Instruction In Southern Massachusetts!”

Discover how ANYONE can train and enjoy mixed martial arts
– regardless of your gender, age, fitness level or experience level –
whether or not you want to compete!

MMA Mixed Martial Arts


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At SBG East Coast / Nexus Martial Arts we have already helped hundreds of people just like you get in incredibly shape, develop amazing skills, and be a part of the #1 MMA program in the Cape Cod, Wareham, and Greater New Bedford region – whether they wanted to compete or just train for fun and personal fulfillment.

Why not find out what MMA training can do for you by giving our proven program a try for with our one-of-a-kind Free Trial?

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If you’re serious about getting the best instruction and experience possible, we fee that we should be equally serious about giving you the best possible way to check us out, risk-free!

We can prove how our program delivers phenomenal results, and give you more examples of our students’ success stories (which you’ll see below), but we think you’ll that the best way to really see if our program will meet your needs is to come see for yourself.

So here’s the deal. We’re going to give you a chance to try us out for risk-free and even give you a private lesson (not just a regular class)! You don’t have to buy anything, sign your life away… there’s no catch, period. We are willing to give away private instruction up front to make sure you have an unmatched opportunity to learn everything you need to make your decision and start on your way to success.

This is what you will receive:

FREE FREE Private Intro Lesson ($150 value)

FREE Personal Goals Consultation ($50 value)

FREE Fitness Assessment ($30 value)

And get this – to make sure you have absolute peace of mind we back it up with a…

60 Day Iron-Clad Guarantee

If you decide to become a member of our award-winning academy, you’ll get to enjoy our MMA classes with the assurance of our iron clad 60 day money-back results guarantee. That’s how confident we are in our program and what we can do for you.

”Since joining Nexus, not only am I in the best shape of my life, but also my overall health has never been better. My cholesterol’s under control, my confidence is higher that it’s ever been and my ability to deal with stress has been improved dramatically.

I’ve found much more than a gym, but a lifestyle I can dedicate myself to, which will keep me strong and healthy the rest of my life.”*

-Brian Hayes


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Or call us at 508-295-5427 to make an appointment for your FREE private lesson!

Listen, we know that all kinds of different people want to train MMA. From people who want to get in the cage and duke it out to people who want to experience the rush of training like a fighter without getting punched in the face. We train competitive athletes and fighters, but and we also specialize in working with people who want to train for fun, fitness, and personal growth without getting into the competitive side.That’s why we offer our initial consultation absolutely FREE along with A free trial.

When you see us for the first time, we can sit down with you and really get into your specific, personal needs in order to figure out what would be the best program for you. Many of our students come to us already knowing exactly what they want to do. But most of them tell us they just want to “give it a try” and see how they like MMA training.

Our instructors and program counselors will help you make a well-informed decision so you can rest assured you’re doing the right thing for yourself.

I have been training at Nexus Martial Arts since February 2012. I moved from Canada and my husband figured I needed to do physical activity while studying to take the National Physical Therapy examination. The first day I jumped on the mats, everyone was very friendly to me. After a few weeks I began to think about competing, which I did in May 2012, and everyone help me getting to 110%.

The staff is very nice, attentive and truely care about helping us reaching our goal. I can say today that I consider everyone at this gym like my extended family and would strongly suggest anyone that lives in Wareham and New Bedford area to go check this gym out. It will definitely change your life. One tribe, one vibe!”*

-Anick Bernier

“I would consider SBG / Nexus Martial Arts to be one of the premier martial arts academies on the East Coast.

Speaking as an Ultimate Fighter veteran, UFC veteran, trainer of UFC athletes and BJJ black belt, when you’re looking for a martial arts school what you’re really looking for is quality. Steve [Whittier] sticks to a very high standard of teaching; a very high level of presenting information and sharing knowledge with his students. When it comes to achieving whatever your goals are in martial arts, whether that’s competition, losing weight, staying in shape or meeting friends – that’s the most important thing!”*

-Tim Credeur

UFC & Ultimate Fighter Veteran
BJJ Black Belt

Here are just some of the amazing benefits you’ll get out of our proven, successful mixed martial arts (MMA) program:

You’ll get into the best shape of your life – and do it FAST (many of the world’s strongest and best-conditioned athletes are MMA fighters – we’ll show you how they do it!) You’ll train under the area’s senior full-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Professor and Southern Massachusetts’ highest ranking Muay Thai kickboxing trainer! You’ll learn a complete mixed martial arts fighting system with an organized curriculum that takes the “guess work” out of learning

You’ll work out in a positive, supportive atmosphere where you are treated with RESPECT! You’ll learn the core fundamental principles and techniques you need to have in order to improve as quickly as possible… Our instructors are not just world-class martial arts coaches, they are also professional educators! You’ll learn in a safe, structured environment – safety is our #1 concern – so you won’t have to worry about getting injured.

You’ll be able to work at a pace that’s right for you so that you can personally absorb and retain all the information you learn. We have students ranging from their late teens to late ‘60s in our program!

You’ll have a variety of classes to choose from (striking, grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts, for beginners, advanced, sparring or no sparring, open mat time, etc.) You’ll be taught by trainers can not only fight well but more importantly, they will train YOU properly to ensure you get the most out of our MMA program and become a complete fighter (even if you have no desire to step into a ring or cage)!

You’ll get help from our professional, courteous staff (we don’t try to intimidate people or show how “tough” we are. We don’t need to! It isn’t about our “ego” anyway – it’s about what we can do for YOU and how we can help you achieve your goals).

You will learn techniques and strategies for self-defense as well as sport competition. Unlike most MMA gyms, we know how to adapt the game so that just about every single technique is something you can use on the street as well!

You’ll experience the passion, excitement, team spirit and pride at our school by being a member of our martial arts family.

You’ll get exceptional service in all areas. (If you have a question about anything at all, we will answer it.

If you have any problems, we’ll solve them. If you need help, we will help you!

We are 100% committed to your personal development as a mixed martial arts athlete.)

You’ll learn the same systematic training method we have used to help train fighters at the highest levels – top fighters from Pride, the UFC, and EliteXC (whether you want to compete or not)!

You will have coaches and instructors who CARE about you and your success (we guarantee that no other school in the area has more caring and passionate instructors!)

You’ll get to train in our 6,500 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility (one of the largest and most professional facilities in Massachusetts) complete with:

Two huge, fully equipped training floors
Full array of MMA training equipment, bags and training pads
A Range of Functional strength and conditioning equipment
Mens and Womens Locker Rooms Plus Two Student Lounges
A Separate Training Area for Introductory and Private Lessons
Fully Equipped Pro Shop

Want more proof? Check out what the PROs have to say about training at SBG and Master Instructor, Stephen Whittier:

”I have known Steve Whittier for many years and I can honestly say that he is one of most intelligent and well-rounded martial artists that I have met anywhere. He has a very practical and effective way of approaching the learning and teaching of martial arts. He has helped me prepare for countless grappling competitions and has been invaluable in helping me win many of my MMA fights. His ability to analyze techniques and integrate a practical methodology from a myriad of martial arts makes him a unique and special teacher.”*

-Kenny Florian

UFC Lightweight Contender

”If you want the real deal in authentic Muay Thai training, look no further than Nexus Martial Arts. Stephen Whittier is an exceptional coach, and is well versed in the Sityodtong style and methods we use to train everyone from our Muay Thai students to pro mixed martial artists.”*

-Mark Dellagrotte

Director, Sityodtong Muay Thai USA The Ultimate Fighter Season 4 Coach

”It was a real pleasure to develop new friendships and do a month-long training camp at Nexus Martial Arts. Coach Steve Whittier has helped me so much with my preparation for my next fight. He is a great coach in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA, and I have learned the most training at Nexus of any gym I have trained at in the U.S.”*

-Murilo “Ninja” Rua

Former Elite XC Middleweight Champ, Pride Veteran

Your Name & Valid Email To Get Our FREE DVD, “A Beginner’s Guide To Mastering Mixed Martial Arts”

PLUS: Get our FREE Report, “Top 10 Critical Things You MUST Know Before Choosing A Martial Arts School”.

And our FREE Newsletter
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* Your name and email address will not be sold, shared or disclosed to anyone. We promise to respect your privacy *


Not All MMA Schools Are Created Equal…
(Beginners Beware)

The biggest problem most people face who want to learn MMA or self-defense is that they can’t find a quality school. There are just not many good, legitimate program out there that are truly qualified to train people in MMA or realistic self-defense. Sure, a lot of schools “say” they’re good, or throw a few MMA stickers and posters up on their windows so people might think that, but the reality is that a quality education in mixed martial arts is hard to find.

That’s the bad news… the GOOD news is that you live close by to the top academy in your area – which just happens to be a senior affiliate of two of the most renowned MMA and self-defense organizations in the world (Straight Blast Gym International and Sityodtong Muay Thai / MMA). And, for a limited time, we’re offering you a FREE private lesson so you can see if our proven, world-class training system meets your needs.

Once you schedule a time that’s good for you to come see us, we’ll give you a tour of our academy, a personalized consultation, your first free private introductory lesson and fitness assessment…. All designed to determine how we can best meet your needs and help you to achieve your goals.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you’ll love our program just as much as our current happily-involved students. So confident, in fact, we are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you participate in our MMA classes for 60 days and don’t see results, we’ll immediately refund your money (but we highly doubt you’ll do that because at SBG, everyone gets results!)


And here’s even more PROOF:

”I have been going to Nexus for about 5 months now and would not go to any other martial arts school. The coaches are great. I was a little apprehensive about coming in as a beginner adult and worried I would be thrown to the wolves. However Nexus has the best program around for anyone from novice to advanced student.

The beginner classes really give you a great base in the fundamentals and prep you for the advanced classes later.

Every person I’ve trained with or interacted with is extremely helpful. You will not regret becoming a member of Nexus Martial Arts. Whatever your goal is they will help you get there.”*

-Kevin Ryan


“If you’re thinking about giving MMA a try, whether you want to compete or not,then this will be the best decision you can make for yourself.”

Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try? Don’t wait. Call us NOW!

Give us a call NOW to start our amazing Free Trial Program!

It’s easy to get started right away. Just give us a call (even if it’s 3:00 am in the morning)!
“Yes! I want to give your MMA program a try for FREE!”


Here’s exactly what to do:

Call our academy at 508-295-5427 to schedule your free tour, consultation and private introductory lesson. That’s it! (Simple, right?)
On top of that, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee; that means that if you give us a fair shot for 60 days and you don’t get results, we’ll refund your money on the spot (but we highly doubt you will). You simply won’t find another academy in your area that can match that offer.




MMA Trainer & Self Defense Expert
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
SBG East Coast Founder & Chief Instructor


P.S. Remember, as part of your free trial we even give you a private intro lesson, a consultation, fitness assessment and tour as a “thank you” for visiting us. You have absolutely no obligation to join when you come in. All we’re asking is for you to give us a fair shot at proving exactly what we can do for you – that’s why we let you give our program a try absolutely FREE – but you must call now because we can’t guarantee how long this promotion will last!

What we can GUARANTEE is that you’ll absolutely LOVE it (that’s why we have our iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee)!

P.P.S. If you have any questions, schedule your initial consultation and when we meet we can sit down and go over all of them in detail. Just give us a call at 508-295-5427 to schedule your lesson. See you soon!



*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. We cannot guarantee specific results.