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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Revolutionized How We Look At the Martial Arts Forever…

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Back in the early 1990s, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) changed the way we think about self-defense by showing us that if you can’t defend yourself on the ground, you can’t defend yourself, period.

But our “warning” about this incredibly effective martial arts being addictive goes way beyond its practical self-defense and fighting applications… It is, quite simply, one of the most fun and (healthy) habit forming activities you can think of!

Beyond that, it is also one of the best workouts on the planet, simultaneously developing your cardiovascular stamina, core strength, flexibility, agility, and coordination.

When it comes to a physical activity that develops the body, relieves stress and challenges the mind, BJJ is without an equal!

“I was introduced to Nexus / SBG through some friends. I brought my son in to check it out and was immediately impressed with the professionalism and cleanliness. I signed my child up right away. Throughout his time there I would watch his classes. Not only does my son learn a martial art and form of self defense, the school really focuses on life skills that are important to these youngsters. Discipline, respect, confidence, etc. They even have seminars on how our children can deal with bullies as safely as possible.

After a little time had passed my wife and I decided to join as well. Best decision ever! I have met some of the best people I’ve ever met and my wife’s and my training has reached another level. Now all 3 of our kids train there as well. The environment is friendly and helpful no matter what skill level you’re at.”*

-Jamie Ponte


Nowadays There’s Lots of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training Around…
But Real, Quality BJJ Is Hard To Find!

Nowadays with the explosive popularity of the UFC, there are more and more Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts “gyms” popping up everywhere. Unfortunately for many prospective students who don’t know the difference, listing “BJJ” on a sign or website alone does not equal quality. The fact is, there are just not many good schools out there that are truly qualified to train people in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Sure, a lot of schools “say” they’re good, but the reality is that professional, high-quality BJJ schools are hard to find.

And don’t mistake of confusing an instructor’s competition record with teaching and coaching expertise! While all of our instructors have competition experience – and we happen to be the South Coast region’s most decorated competition academy – much more important for our students is the fact that our instructors are also highly trained as instructors and educators.

In fact, at SBG East Coast / Nexus you have the opportunity to train under multiple BJJ Black Belts (including our world-renowned head coach), and an experienced staff who have undergone the most comprehensive instructor training in the industry!

So the fact that you live close by the top BJJ academy in your area is good news … but the even BETTER news is that, for a limited time, we’re offering Free Trial Program including 3 introductory private lessons so that you can be sure our proven BJJ training system meets your needs!

At SBG East Coast:

You will train directly under the area’s senior, full-time 2nd degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Professor (we don’t just hang another instructor or organization’s sign on our door… all of our curriculums and designed and overseen by Stephen Whittier – an expert author and internationally renowned Jiu-Jitsu coach who has traveled all across the country conducting seminars and has well over 10,000 students who follow him online!)
Work with a highly trained, professional success team dedicated to helping you reach your goals. All of our instructors undergo many hours of formal training in how to teach others and break down the core fundamentals of the art so that anyone can succeed. We help our students track and update their goals rather than just “throw them in the mix.”
Study BJJ at one of the state’s largest, cleanest, and most well-equipped facilities. Our 6,500 square-foot facility features two large training floors with top-of-the-line mats (sanitized daily), changing rooms, two student lounges, pro shop, and more!
A team that knows how to train people for self-defense and fun, or to be champions! At SBG East Coast, you get expertise not just in one facet of the art, but in all of them… Professor Whittier has trained students as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement proven tactics specific to their needs to survive in “real world” self-defense situations. We have also worked with and trained some of the top Mixed Martial Arts athletes in the world adapting their skills to high-level competition, and many of our students and instructors have proven their skills on the mat, winning many medals in some of the region’s largest BJJ and submission grappling tournaments.


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FREE Fitness Assessment ($30 Value)

And get this – to make sure you have absolute peace of mind we back it up with a…

60 Day Iron-Clad Guarantee

If you decide to become a member of our award-winning academy, you’ll get to enjoy our Jiu-Jitsu classes with the assurance of our iron-clad 60 day money-back results guarantee. That’s how confident we are in our program and what we can do for you.

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“How A Skinny Guy From Brazil
Made History Winning Multiple UFCs
(Ultimate Fighting Championships)
Using ‘Secret’ Grappling Techniques”

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (or “BJJ”) has been around for a long time… long before a skinny, unassuming BJJ practitioner from Brazil named Royce Gracie made it popular in the early ’90s when he won the very first UFC – which at the time had few rules and no weight classes! More importantly, he won all his fights against much larger opponents in dominating fashion using the superior technique, leverage and control of Jiu-Jitsu.

Royce Gracie wasn’t especially athletic, he only weighed about 180 pounds when he fought, and he didn’t “look” like a fighter. But he won those matches easily, and in the process exposed a glaring weakness in all the other martial artists who faced him: that most people were absolutely clueless on what to do once a fight went to the ground.

At the time these mysterious moves this fighter was using were secrets to most people because hardly anybody in America was aware of them at the time… these huge, strong, scary-looking karate, kung fu, kickboxing fighters had some skills on their feet, but once they got within grappling range, the fight went to the ground and it was all over!

“The Ultimate Self-Defense and Ground Fighting System in the World!”

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was developed over many, many years as the fighting and self-defense system that truly embodies the ideal of martial arts: it allows a smaller, weaker person to control a much bigger, stronger opponent using superior technique and leverage.

These techniques were proven effective in combat years ago, and even today the world’s top mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are ALL learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

It’s also the martial art taught to our nation’s military, the foundation of many security and womens’ self-defense programs, and has grown into a worldwide competitive sport.

But the fact is, you don’t have to be a competitor or fighter to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s so verstatile, BJJ is for EVERYONE!

√ Any age –we have students from 4 years old to their late ‘60s training at our school!

√ Any gender – BJJ is not just for men, we have a fantastic group of women in the program as well.

√ Any fitness level – you do not have to be in shape to start up in our Fundamentals programs… getting you into shape is what we’re here for!

√ Any ability level – we have different programs designed for new students, more advanced students, and students who are interested in competition in order to ensure that we can tailor your training specifically to your personal goals and needs.

Does this mean that we don’t know how to train athletes at a high level? No Way! Check out what instructor Cesar Barros has to say:

“Here in Brazil I’ve trained with and coached fighters like Shogun [Current UFC Middleweight Champ Mauricio “Shogun” Rua], Ninja [Former EliteXC Middleweight Champ Murilo “Ninja” Rua], Tuba, Rodrigo Damm, and Erick Silva.This is all from what I learned at Nexus/SBG… the way we set up our training, the way Coach taught me and organized everything… very smart training, very clean gym, and the best technique I have ever learned anywhere. I’m so thankful I had this opportunity to learn all this with Nexus/SBG!”Cesar Barros Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Competitor & Coach 2010 Hairdar Superfight Champion Earlier this year Cesar, a Nexus BJJ Purple Belt, submitted 4-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt National Champion Anderson Biscoito in just 32 seconds!


cesar2 cesar1

Yes, we know how to train athletes at the highest levels. But the fact remains, the majority of our students are here to have fun, learn practical self-defense skills, get in shape and work toward earning a black belt!

But don’t take our word for it… you can hear directly from some of our students:

“I was in my late 30’s when I started training a few years back and I’m 40 now. In the back of my mind I was little nervous: would I end up with a battered body and bruised ego? Would I be able hang with a bunch of young guys?

Once I started training with Coach Steve I never had those worries again. Steve has created a great culture and environment where the focus is on learning how to be technically proficient and applying it in an alive environment, so you can train safely and successfully. I’ve learned that jiu jitsu is a great sport for people of all ages. I’ve seen people from 6 to over 60 rolling and doing well at our school. What I’ve learned from Steve has allowed me to handle myself on the mat with competitors, whether they’re my age or athletic guys in their 20s – and win!

His coaching put in me in a place to come out on top at competitions from regional tournaments like NAGA to recently taking 1st place in IBJJF competitions!”*

-John Murphy

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you’re older or younger, if you’re motivated to lose weight or looking to build strength… it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female… it doesn’t matter if you want to compete or not. And it doesn’t matter if you’re currently out of shape (getting you in shape is what we’re here for)… ALL are welcome!

As a matter of fact, there are all kinds of people from right here in the the Cape Cod, Wareham and Greater New Bedford Area of Southern Massachusetts – people reaping the benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training at SBG / Nexus!

BJJ training…

Shows You How To Defend Yourself – You’ll learn how to defend yourself on the street, if an attacker grabs you, and you’ll discover how to handle things once a fight goes to the ground – whether you’re on the top or on the bottom… and even if your attacker is much bigger and stronger than you are. Because BJJ is based on using superior leverage and body positioning to overcome bigger stronger attackers, it is one of the most important martial arts to learn.

Encourages Fat Loss – BJJ is a martial art that focuses on total body positioning, meaning you’re using 100% of your body at all times to maximize its effectiveness. That means your cardio will get better along with your overall body strength, resulting in fat loss. By practicing BJJ you will work every single muscle in your body – doing that burns a lot of calories, which in turn burns a lot of fat.

Builds Strength, Power & Endurance – You will strengthen and develop muscles you never even know existed! But don’t let that scare you…it’s a good thing… because instead of building up useless, bloated gym muscles, you’ll develop real, functional muscles and functional strength by doing sport-specific exercises… while still being able to make your body look fantastic.

Improves Your Cardio & Conditioning – You’ll get in kick-butt shape learning how to do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with us. Just by coming to practice and learning the moves, your body will start to transform and your muscles will condition themselves to handle the training. You’ll notice your cardio and breathing getting better, your lungs will get stronger and you’ll feel your muscles get more toned. A bonus of all that is that not only will you feel better, you’ll look better… and people WILL notice.

Increases Your Flexibility – You won’t become muscle-bound and stiff like many people do who just lift weights all the time. You’ll still build strength training BJJ while at the same time become more flexible. You don’t have to be flexible to start training BJJ.

Reduces Stress – It’s a fact that regular exercise is not only healthy – it’s a key element in reducing stress in your life. A problem with plain-old “gym workouts” is that they usually get pretty boring – but not with BJJ training – with BJJ training, you’re in a positive environment of constant learning (which is another key element in stress reduction). You’re getting taught by our trained instructors to continually get better each and every time you step on our mats… and not only that, you’ll have coaches and teammates helping you along the way. So if you’ve had a stressful day, you can rest assured your stress levels will be reduced the minute you walk into our academy.

Doesn’t Get Boring… In Fact, It’s A BLAST! – Our students are having a ton of fun learning BJJ. Let’s face it. Going to a regular gym can be boring, especially when you’re going through the same old routine day in and day out. Instead of walking from machine to machine like some kind of zombie, you’ll be able to actually learn something that could save your life while at the same time getting in spectacular shape and learning to defend yourself. You’ll be constantly learning and applying techniques that could save your life and you’ll be doing it in an atmosphere that promotes fun and learning.


I have been training at Nexus Martial Arts since February 2012. I moved from Canada and my husband figured I needed to do physical activity while studying to take the National Physical Therapy examination. The first day I jumped on the mats, everyone was very friendly to me. After a few weeks I began to think about competing, which I did in May 2012, and everyone help me getting to 110%.

The staff is very nice, attentive and truely care about helping us reaching our goal. I can say today that I consider everyone at this gym like my extended family and would strongly suggest anyone that lives in Wareham and New Bedford area to go check this gym out. It will definitely change your life. One tribe, one vibe!”*

-Anick Bernier

I started attending Nexus months ago to train for a movie role. Started private training with OWNER and Chief Instructor Steve Whittier. I was immediately impressed by his sincere dedication to the Art. His teaching methods and instruction make it easy to learn the techniques. I was so impressed by the school and his staff I enrolled my 5 year old son and he loves it!!

I did my research on local martial art schools in the area and Nexus hands down was the best choice as far as value, cleanliness and knowledgeable instructors. I would recommend them highly to anyone interested in getting involved in martial arts.”*

-Chace Carson

Radio personality, actor

Now that we’ve covered some of the benefits you’ll get from training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with us (and we’re going to cover even more below), let’s talk about what you will be learning in our program:

 You’ll learn “tried and tested” techniques, not unproven-in-combat theoretical stuff that’s in a lot of those “other” martial arts

 You’ll learn submission techniques that end a fight or match quickly and efficiently without things getting “messy”

 You’ll develop close combat fighting skills can saveYour life (this is especially important for law enforcement and military)

 You’ll discover techniques and strategies for self-defense (street fighting) and competition (in the ring, on the mat, or in the cage)

 You’ll learn brutal chokes, arm locks, leg locks and other ways to finish a fight without have to throw a single punch or kick

 You’ll learn fight-ending submission holds that will makeYour attacker cry “uncle!” in no time flat

 You’ll discover how to control and defeat larger attackers who are stronger thanYou are

 You’ll transform into a knowledgeable grappler even ifYou have no previous experience (in fact, many students who visit us for the first time never did sports or martial arts before; they just want to give BJJ a try)

 You’ll be a part of our team andYou’ll be treated with respect by our professional, courteous staff (we don’t try to intimidate people or show how “tough” we are; we don’t need to; it isn’t about our “ego” anyway – it’s about what we can do forYou and how we can buildYou up into the best shape ofYour life while learning how to grapple in the process)

 You’ll learn the basic BJJ fundamental principles and techniquesYou need to have to get to a more advanced level (we’ll teachYou exactly whatYou need to know to become a quality grappler)

 You’ll be able to train and practice at a pace thatYou can personally absorb and retain all the informationYou learn in the most effective way possible

 You’ll be able to get a great workout and learn crucial self defense and life-saving grappling techniques while not having to worry about getting injured (safety is our #1 priority)

 You’ll be training in a safe, structured environment

 You’ll experience the mental and physical rush of BJJ training asYou learn techniques thatYou’ll be able to apply on an attacker or opponent in a real live scenario

 You’ll have inside access to all our professional instructors who are trained to “buildYou up” as a student

 You’ll get stronger, get tougher,You’ll improveYour endurance and stamina along withYour cardio and breathing not to mention looking better and feeling better (after training with us for less than 30 days we are sureYour friends will be askingYou whatYou’ve been up to)

 You’ll get exceptional service (We pride ourselves on the value we give to our students. IfYou have a question about anything at all, we will answer it. IfYou have any problems, we’ll solve them. IfYou need help, we will helpYou. We are 100% committed toYour personal development as student.)

 You’ll be part of a team where coaches and instructors CARE aboutYou andYour success
Want more PROOF that our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program can meet your needs? Here you go (this one is actually a Rave Review from a visiting student)…

“Thanks for letting me come down to Nexus to train for the week. It’s amazing what you can learn in a week. To say I was impressed with the level of your students was a GROSS understatement. Even the lowest ranking white belt I rolled with had a great understanding of the fundamentals. Kudos to you! The players and teachers reflect very well on you Steve. You should be very proud!”*

-Tom Viera


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Wouldn’t you agree the best way to really see if our BJJ program will meet your needs is to come give it a try for yourself?
Well we’re not just giving you a run-of-the-mill free class or two, we’re giving you a complete trial program including 3 FREE Private Introductory Lessons!

Once you call our academy (508-295-5427) and schedule a time that’s good for you to come see us, we’ll give you a tour of our academy, you’ll get your first free private introductory lesson and you’ll also get a free one-on-one consultation with one of our highly-trained program counselors so we can figure out if we can meet your needs.

In fact, we’re so confident we can meet your needs with our BJJ program, we even offer a 60-Day Money Back Results Guarantee!

Don’t wait. Call us NOW at 508-295-5427

It’s easy to get started right away. Just give us a call today to speak to one of our representatives about the program (Our phone lines are open 24-hours a day, so you can give us a call and speak with a live person even if it’s 3:00am in the morning!)




3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
Founder of the 40 Plus BJJ Success program
SBG East Coast Chief Instructor

P.S. Remember, as part of your free trial we even give you a private intro lesson, a consultation, fitness assessment and tour as a “thank you” for visiting us. You have absolutely no obligation to join when you come in. All we’re asking is for you to give us a fair shot at proving exactly what we can do for you – that’s why we let you give our program a try absolutely FREE – but you must call now because we can’t guarantee how long this promotion will last!

What we can GUARANTEE is that you’ll absolutely LOVE it (that’s why we have our iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee)!
P.P.S. If you have any questions, schedule your initial consultation and when we meet we can sit down and go over all of them in detail. Just give us a call at 508-295-5427 to schedule your lesson. See you soon!




*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. We cannot guarantee specific results.